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Residential Eligibility

Ovation Lending is here to help you keep your property safe, so we analyze every part of your application to find a solution specific to your needs. Also, we understand that not everyone has great credit and that sometimes people can get behind on property taxes. Don’t worry! We welcome all credit types at Ovation and will not use your credit score to determine eligibility. Don’t let your credit score stop you from calling about a property tax loan!

To determine eligibility for a Texas residential property tax loan, we need:

  • Name of all property owner(s)
  • Property address
  • Contact information (phone numbers and email addresses)
  • Mortgage company information (if applicable)
  • Date of birth
  • Identification

For other eligibility questions, call our knowledgeable Texas property tax consultants at 877-419-7392. If this property tax loan is for your homestead and you are over 64 years of age or receiving disability benefits, please talk to your county about what deferral options are available to you.

Commercial Eligibility

Ovation has property tax payment plans with highly competitive rates designed to meet the needs of Texas commercial property owners. We want to provide you with the opportunity to stop the county and attorney fees from draining your revenue.

To determine eligibility for a commercial property tax loan, we need:

  • Legal documentation for the borrowing entity (articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, etc.)
  • Corporate tax returns and/or financial statements
  • Inspection report
  • Property survey and a recent environmental survey (if applicable)

Disqualifying factors:

  • An active bankruptcy
  • Company is not in good standing with the state

Other property tax eligibility questions?
Call our knowledgeable Texas property tax consultants at 877-419-7392.


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