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Property taxes can be heavy burden on property owners and Ovation understands that whether it’s your home, your family business, or even a retail center, sometimes you need alternative financing like a property tax loan. Let the experts at Ovation Lending customize property tax loan solution for you.

Whether Residential, Commercial or Small Business, if you need a partner to help pay your property taxes, look no further than your friends at Ovation Lending.

Do I Qualify for a Property Tax Loan?

Property tax loans provide Texans the flexibility to navigate short-term financial challenges. Here are some of the requirements needed to get a property tax loan:

  • Total penalties and taxes must exceed $1,000
  • The total property value must be over $20,000
  • If a Homestead property, the Owner must be under 65 years old
  • Owner cannot be in bankruptcy
  • Property must be in Texas

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Most property owners are eligible to use a property tax loan to pay delinquent taxes.

Call us today at 877-419-7392 to talk to one of our property tax consultants. We will walk you through the process and set you up on a property tax payment plan that fits your individual needs.

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