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Texas Property Tax Loans – How it Works

Ovation Lending is your partner in figuring out the best way to pay your property taxes. We’ll bring your account current with the county and other taxing entities. That means we will pay all your taxes (even of multiple years), collection attorney fees, penalties, and interest shortly after you close with us. Ovation Lending’s loan officers are here to walk you through every step of the way.

Although your experience may vary, here is what the majority of property owners should expect: 


#1: Quick Apply

Call us at (877) 419-7392 and one of our Licensed Loan Officers will gather some information from you about the property and your contact information.


#2: Approval & Payment Plan

Most customers are approved in minutes once we know more about you and your property. After gathering your information and understanding your needs, we will present a payment plan we think fits your situation best. If you’re looking for something a little more tailored, let us know and we can quickly present another property tax payment plan.


#3: Safe & Secure Processing

After you choose your payment plan, Ovation Lending will begin processing your account immediately. We know your time is valuable and will work carefully and efficiently to pull together all the paperwork needed to officially set up your payment plan.


#4: Sign the Paperwork with a Notary

We can send a notary to you or you can go to your local UPS store to have your docs notarized. The hard part is done. The last thing you have to do in order to start your payment plan is finish the closing!


#5: We Pay Your Taxes & You Start Your Road to Financial Recovery

Once we receive your signed document package and verify everything looks good, we’ll pay your taxes, interest, fees, and penalties to all parties. Congratulations! Your tax obligation to the county has now been met and you’ve officially started your property tax payment plan.


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Hassle-Free Process

Taking out a property tax loan doesn’t have to be complicated. Ovation Lending simplifies the process and makes sure your time is respected.

Call us today at (877) 419-7392 and lets us show you why we are the premier provider of property tax loans in Texas!